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Cape Town: 33° 54’ 21.9” S – 18° 25’ 15.7” E

After 2 long flights and a 6 hours layover in Zurich, we landed in Cape Town, South Africa.  First time for both of us in the Southern hemisphere and on the African continent.  We are very excited by the fact that this year we are going to have Spring and Summer twice!

I had mixed feelings about Cape Town,  and didn’t quite know what to expect.  About a year ago I read a New York Times article describing the terrible water crisis the city was experiencing, with government limiting water consumption to 13 gallons a day per person. The article mentioned a Day Zero, when most taps were expected to be shut off and residents would have to line up at distribution points for their daily allotment.

Luckily they had more rain this winter and water reservoirs are now 75% full. Water conservation policies worked remarkably well. Something that California maybe should start considering.

Cape Town Water Restrictions

We found a vibrant city with a beautiful water front and very nice and hospitable people. While exploring the town we run into this charming neighborhood called Bo-Kaap.

[photogrid ids=”783,784,786″ captions=”no” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

Colorful houses, cobblestone streets and a music festival going on with kids with their faces painted dancing and having fun.

[photogrid ids=”790,789,788″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

What better way than this to get introduced to a new Continent and Town?

After spending the first night in an airbnb, we were ready to get introduced to our new boat, S/V Oroboro, patiently waiting for us in a berth at Cape Grace!

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