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Coroa Vermelha

Oroboro dropped anchor in the very same place where 500+ years ago Pedro Álvares Cabral set foot on Brazil for the first time. The Bay is protected by a reef that is totally covered at high tide but nonetheless offers a very good shelter from winds from northeast and southeast.

Corao Vermelha

There is a huge cross in stainless steel to commemorate the event.

Corao Vermelha cross

But that’s all there is under an historical point of view. The beach, however, is fantastic. It’s a perfect location for kite surfing, but surprisingly there were none. So Yuka was very happy to have her second kitesurfing session in Brazil, after the one in Cabo Frio.

Kiteboarding in Corao Vermelha

The beach is also full of bars and restaurant. But what’s more interesting is all kind of food vendors passing by. So you end up eating food from them, in whatever order they will come. Here Joaquin and Monica are having a dozen oysters.

Oysters in Corao Vermelha

The other attraction of the beach was this guy offering tandem rides on his powered paraglider (Italian made). Monica being a skydiver enthusiast, could not pass on the offer.

Power hand gliding in Corao Vermelha

So what do you during a windless day, after you have one too many caipirinhas?

Going natives

Since a cold front was about to come, at some point we decided to set sails up north, and drop the hook in Santo Andrè, also know as Villa do 7 a 1. I’ll explain why in the next post.

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