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While in Brazilia, we decided to get a rental and go visit Pirenopolis, well known for its waterfalls and Portuguese colonial architecture.  We found the name of the town fascinating, and being Joaquin and Monica Catalans, we decided to check it out.

Along the way we saw a beautiful waterfall:

Waterfalls in Brazil

Brazil is a dangerous country

When we got into town, a macabre scene scene played out in front of our eyes! We were warned that Brazil is a very dangerous country.  But we never imagined to see something like this:

Pirenopolis, Brazil

There was blood everywhere!

Jokes apart, Pirenopolis is a very nice little town worth visiting:

[photogrid ids=”2855,2857,2860,2858,2866,2864,2862″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

[photogrid ids=”2873,2872,2871,2870″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

Now back to Brasilia, where we need to catch a plane for Sao Paulo!

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