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Recap of year 2020

Year 2020, the Annus Horribilis (Latin phrase meaning “horrible year”) is coming to an end, and it’s now time for a year end review.

Let’s start with counting our blessings:

  1. None of our family and friends caught Covid-19.  We only have one friend who was an asymptomatic positive and he’s now totally fine.

  2. We didn’t catch Covid-19.  It would have been a disaster, because in this part of the world all of these island nations have maybe 2 or 3 ICU each.

  3. We spent the Lock Down kite boarding in Barbuda.

  4. We made new friends.

  5. None of the 30 named tropical storms, 13 of which become hurricanes, made landfall in the Caribbean (although Gonzalo gave us a hard time).

  6. Donald Trump lost the elections, so we can fly our American flag with pride again.

  7. We sailed 1,500 nautical miles (we would have sailed more if it weren’t because of covid).

  8. I learnt how to jibe on my foil and Yuka learnt the Back Roll.

  9. We did several improvements to the boat.

  10. We visited 20 different islands in the Caribbean.

Caribbean routes

On the downside, we had to cancel our ocean crossing to the Med, and we couldn’t visit family in Japan because of all the travel restrictions.

And here are some of our favorite video and pictures of the year.

  1. Celebrating my birthday with my dearest friends Joaquin and Monica with some very special guests (Riccardo and Isabel):

2) Yuka enjoying the Lock Down in Barbuda by kite boarding every day:

3) Yuka wearing her hand made face mask (just a handkerchief with two rubber bands).

Face masks

4) My first jibe on the foil.  Just when I thought about quitting and selling the foil, the heel-side to toe-side jibe with kite down-loop come out like a magic:

So all in all 2020 it was a good year for us.  And now that a vaccine has been found, we look forward to 2021 and to our ocean crossing to the Med!

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