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Santo Antônio do Paraguaçu

We navigated the river Paraguaçu to get to see the beautiful and remote convent of Saint Antony.  What an experience!  We felt like in the movie Apocalypse Now, when Willard on the river patrol boat navigates toward Kurtz’s outpost.  We didn’t see a soul for hours in the river, not even a fisherman.  And then, all of the sudden we got to see this:

We anchored right in front:

Access to the church and convent was by river for much of its history; roads to the community of Iguape were only constructed later.  Here we learned that the Convent had been demolished, and that everything was taken away and sold.  Luckily the Church didn’t have the fund to carry out the demolition so the church survived.

[photogrid ids=”4469,4470,4471,4472,4473,4483,4482,4481,4480,4479,4474,4475,4484,4468″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

It was a very nice experience navigating in the river, and on the way back we saw many “saveiros”, the typical Bahian sailboats.


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