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Tibao do Sul

We also visited Tibao do Sul. Initially we wanted to get there by boat. I read a Brazilian pilot book very popular among Brazilian sailors, where it was claimed that it was possible to enter the small river by boat.  Various Brazilian skippers also specified the waypoints.

However, by looking at the charts and on google maps I thought that it was going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

So instead of blindly following the pilot book, I decided to check it by myself.  I’m glad I did.  Here is the entrance to the river.  The catamaran you see it’s a tourist catamaran and the skipper does this day in day out.  Anybody else attempting this must be crazy.

We had great a great time with Mario, trying all the different restaurants in tow.

Tibao do Sul is a great place for kit surfing as well, in front of sand dunes.  We had so much fun!

[photogrid ids=”4987,4988,4989,4990,4991,4992,4993,4995,4994″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]


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