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In Vitoria we moored at the local Yacht Club. They charged us R$30 per person per day. The harbor is very small, and they only have powerboat and maybe two or three sailboats.  The mooring was pretty uncomfortable, bow to a big concrete pontoon exposed to the sea and the wind. For some reasons there was no breakwater.  So we had to get on the dinghy to go in the marina.

Vitoria was planned to be only a technical stop.  But because the weather forecast predicted strong winds from the north for the following week – exactly the direction we needed to go to reach the Abrolhos archipelago – we decided to take advantage of the situation and fly to Brasilia and Sao Paolo. Why beating into the wind for 3 days?  We are here to enjoy life and see as much as possible of this beautiful country, what’s the hurry?

One of the golden rules of cruising life is “not to have a schedule”.  You set sails only with the best conditions.

We discussed with Joaquin and Monica, and we unanimously voted for booking the flights for the next day.  So we hired a marinero to take care of our boats during our absence, and off we went.  In Vitoria, the only things we saw (other than the Immigration office, where we went to extend our Visas), where the Cathedral and the theater.

[photogrid ids=”2691,2682,2685,2686,2680″ captions=”yes” columns=”two” fullwidth=”yes” ]

Also, we took a picture of one of the ugliest high rise building we saw so far.

Monster building in Vitoria

We are really looking forward to get to Brasilia and see the work of Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer and other great architects.

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